Coffees, Chais, Beers & Cocktails from Ceylon to the Hindu
Kush.Restoratives, Remedies, Sharpeners and Stiffeners for
the seasoned traveller.

The Cafe / Bar at The Imperial DurbarRun by brothers, Alastair and Nicholas Heathcote, The Imperial Durbar is the latest coffee and cocktail watering hole to hit South London and Tooting. The venue is an eclectic mix of Indian and Old Empirical delights. Artisan offerings of it’s own include: secret inhouse Masala Chai recipe & Imperial Malbar Coffee from the early hours of the day with fresh muffins, brownies and all manner of in house freshly baked pastries. Come 5pm the Imperial Durbar offering becomes a bohemian evening fare of signature spiced cocktails & giant Maharajah sized Gin and Tonics from all over the old Empire’s trading routes topped off with a world of tonics and accents including our 1860 house tonic recipe. We aim to provide a tantalising taste of India with a twist, be it in a cocktail or a coffee; a mix of old and new as well as India, England and of course, the lady herself, Queen Victoria.

Take an Imperial shipping import card from the company clocking-in machine and try your hand at infusing your own spirits. Bar Wallahs are on hand to advise on ideal herb and spice combinations (not dress sense). DO NOT allow children to mix your drinks it is unseemly and they use too much vermouth!

Staffed by a bevy of Mixologist Wallahs and highly skilled Tea Wallahs, we cater for both morning and evening patronage. However, to sate the appetites of our evening revellers a vintage telephone in the Mess Hall provides a direct line of communication to the Cardamon Club ,one of the finest and most authentic eastern kitchens to be found in the Bec. Simply dial 9 for Eastern Service, and wait for the Tiffin bell to ring. This sound signifies that your meal, packed in its own Tiffin Boxes, has been delivered to the Bar Wallahs, is piping hot and ready for collection.

about-pic2Various enclaves and areas such as our Mess Hall, Company Office and Durbar Room are all available for bookings of groups and parties, One can even buy your favoured spirits to fill up our vintage globe bar with the wherewithal  to make your own tipples for your guests.

Opening Hours:

Monday – Thursday 7.30am – 12.30am
Friday 7.30am – 1.30am
Saturday 8.30am – 1.30am
Sunday 8.30am – 12.30am

The Imperial Durbar,